With a 10-year-old ProMa group of investment and activities in the industry, the establishment of large-scale chain stores with ProMA trademark has been able to expand its presence by exploiting large sales outlets throughout the country and developing its strategy for the development of branches Other provinces in the country.
This is only part of the activities of the ProMa Group in the effort to boost the economy, industry and employment for the youth of this prominent Left Bank.
The range of proma productive activities in a wider range of areas, such as: massive construction, transportation and transit of goods and oil derivatives to neighboring countries, exports and imports, trade, construction, equipping and commissioning of gas stations. ... Proma is proud to be proud that all of these activities are from the design, construction, commissioning and ultimately management and activity of the capable Iranian engineers and engineers.
Proma boasts that by creating and attracting thousands of direct and indirect jobs to serve the development of Islamic Iran.
The end is not the end, directors and planners of the promise always adhere to the promise that, until Iran and Iran, they will cease their efforts to flourish the country, and continuously strive to expand this productive and productive, productive employment.

With the guidance of Allah Almighty, we are on this path, and we are looking for better and more ways every day to help make this border and canvas thrive more. Shah Allah

(Management of the group)