Sketch design
The Hadab design is a plan to save on fuel economy, which is based on environmental objectives. The term "reduction", "guidance, transfer" and "recycling" of gasoline is the title .
The main objective of this project is to reduce the loss of vapor in various stages of refueling and is currently being carried out by the National Iranian Oil Distribution Company.
Gasoline Steam Places
According to the scope of activities of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company regarding: receiving, storing, loading, transferring, delivering in the supply and delivery of gasoline to cars, production sites and steam release, are :
Oil depots, oil tankers and fuel supply stations, in this regard, are distributed in both "operational evaporation" and "respiratory evaporation" .
“Operational evaporation" occurs during delivery, transfer and transfer of gasoline between the above locations and "breathing evaporation" during the storage of gasoline in reservoirs due to changes in the temperature of the night.
Recycling gasoline
After collecting the vapors from the tank cars and underground reservoirs and placing it in the direction of the tanker, the tanker is referred to the oil tank for refueling. Using the supplementary design of the loading arms, the gasoline steam for extraction to the steam recovery unit (VRU) for extraction The liquid gasoline will be transferred from the steam .
VRU: Vapor Recovery Unit
This unit will extract about 1.5 liters of gasoline from a "one hundred cubic meters of saturated vapor" using various methods, such as "refrigeration", "membrane method" and "activated carbon" method .