Safety and Insurance
Services in the field of service and maintenance of periodic installations of the plant including equipment:
Mechanical and electronics
Kidney calibration, equipment for free
Instrumentation and monitoring equipment-monitoring equipment
Support in the repair, replacement and maintenance of all electrical equipment and mechanical parts and plumbing
According to the agreements reached between insurance agents and Pars Meshkin Fam Faraz, while distributing the insurance policy in the field of fire, the employer's personal responsibility towards the natural persons and third parties (specially for the tenants), which is Pars Meshkin-Fahm Company
It needs to be explained that the issuance of various insurance policies in various fields (third parties, car bodies, life and treatment, etc. ) is subject to special conditions, which individuals can meet with the requirements of the above mentioned company .
Types of insurance coverage for the place
fire insurance
Accident insurance such as earthquake, flood, ...
Insurance of theft
Types of occupational coverage for owner / operator
Employer's civil liability for employees
Liability insurance of third-party owners
Employee supplementary insurance
Types of Personal Coverage for Owner / Owner
Life insurance and accidents
Travel insurance
Car insurance