Today, advanced control systems play an important role in increasing the productivity of industries, and without using them, it is not possible to take advantage of all the potential of large industries such as oil, gas, refining, petrochemical, electricity, etc.
The vast industry, such as the petroleum industry, with such a vast geographical scope, the variety of control and operation systems, and even the diverse range of manufacturing products and the abundance of exchange centers, require a large-scale management, which is difficult to handle without the use of advanced dispatcher systems, It is unappealing.
For this purpose, the oil industry, which is considered to be a kind of propellant of other industries in the country, has the use of advanced control tools in the form of dispatcher designs in order to achieve the objectives of management, supervision, control and optimum service delivery.
The need to use dispatcher
The expansion of the oil and gas network, including the production, transmission and distribution processes, as well as the importance of precision in controlling production, distribution and exchanges, makes it increasingly necessary to use the dispatcher system. Having such systems can be easily and quickly and reliably checked and monitored all necessary operations, such as displaying and transmitting information, detecting, and detecting errors. Dispatching today is a vital requirement for better supervision and efficient management.
Dispatching will provide high-speed and high-level management decisions at various levels, with access to accurate, fast and adequate information from all sectors of production, transmission, distribution and consumption, and using analytical software for processing information.
Dispatching is not only an effective tool for managing errors in the system and its timely correction, but it can be used to optimize production planning, reduce losses, and identify wastefulness and balance of supply and demand.
Online Dispatcher System Control
  A hierarchical multi-layer system with the ability to define the access rate, which is responsible for receiving, processing, displaying and archiving information from remote terminals and sending a command if needed. In addition to the main dispossession center, other centers, such as provincial centers, operational centers, intermediate centers, etc. can be hierarchical and provide information filtering or use and decision making at that level.
The online dispatcher control system provides the following information:
•    The most accurate central management software
•    Record all sales with fleet and vehicle information
•    Provides a statistical report on sales data.
•    Provides detailed reports for the fleet / vehicles
•    Precise pump sales reports
•    Transferring information to the information center
•    Vehicle Identification System Management
•    Manage your customer's card or fuel card
•    Provide reports in a variety of formats (excel, html, txt, pdf, ...)
•    Connect the seats to the central system via the Internet.
•    Intercept and manage all fleet sales
•    Supervision over unauthorized filling of reservoir and reservoir status.
•    Monitor all sales activities.
•    Ability to provide a variety of North Sales reports, pumps, time, product, history, fleet and more.

According to the information provided by the system and mentioned above, it is easy to monitor the exact information of the reservoir and fuel inside it. From problems such as leakage of the reservoir and water penetration into the reservoir before the incident, He also reviewed the exact amount and quantity of sales and transferred to the headquarters.